AFRY Operational Data Layer


Build a cohesive data platform to improve your customer experience

AFRY Operational Data Layer is a fast and event driven, centralized business logic with one integration point to offload legacy master data systems in Azure. Scale fast and increase data traffic through Azure Functions and Cosmos DB and expand your future business logic with Azure. 

The Operational Data Layer by AFRY allows you to:

-Merge and secure all your business data in Cosmos DB and get instant access to real time data

-Apply business logic to create one truth for price, inventory and product data and so much more

-By pushing data in real time ODL allows all commercial platforms to be event driven by Azure Event Grid. Instead of platforms reading data on slow time intervals.

-With Azure Functions we can scale to the volume of activity needed from all your applications, and build a new future in the cloud where you only pay for what is used.

-One simple integration point for all applications.

-Follow and document the data as it flows through your system with the help of Application Insights.

The Operational Data Layer gives you the possibility to integrate all your current applications, even legacy systems. And it gives you the power to build and integrate new applications in a much faster manner. By creating a single pane of glass with real time data from multiple systems you can easily determine the single source of truth in your systems. Securing that, for example, the decided price and inventory data is determined on all your commercial platforms. 

The solution from AFRY will give you new possibilities with your data. Whether you need it for visualizing your data in Power BI, cataloguing your information for compliance purposes, exploring opportunities with AI & Machine Learning, or enabling your organization to build their own applications to digitize their existing processes, the easy access to enriched data will enable you to explore all these possibilities and more!

AFRY Operational Data Layer will free loads of time for IT-resources and join a vast amount off different data sources. The solution will break dependencies between legacy systems enabling you to modernize your application infrastructure in more manageable chunks in a cost efficient environment. 

Based on our previous experience, we have determined that an average implementation will take us approximately 3-6 months from initial scoping and data collection to finalized implementation ready to deliver value to you as a customer. This estimation may vary depending on the amount of data needing to be collected and adjusted, and the size of the implementation. Therefore it is possible to do a faster implementation, but larger solutions can also be more time consuming.