biaccelerator enable BI&cloud 2week implementation

Factory Software

BI Accelerator is a professional service based on Azure platform, that help customers get started to enable and speed up Business Intelligence, Modern Analytics and Machine Learning services.

Bi accelerator is a framework that enable incrementally the design path "from volume to Customer Data Value" through the different Azure services (on which it relies). The process of consultative and functional development allows us to offer flexibility in the costs incurred, allowing the client to take advantage of all the features of the Azure platform in terms of evolutionary scalability. The Azure path aims to enable and accelerate the data analysis process, leading the customer to migrate or increase Azure consumption, using all the capabilites and services that are inside and that are preliminary to the analysis of data, machine learning and AI. The project effort has characteristics of variability in relation to the specific needs of the client-project, that is: In addition to the standard version, (14 K Euros) the possible evolutionary types are articulated in relation to the data sources to be integrated (ERP, xls, DB SQL/No SQL , Xml, csv, Social...), (by Number / entity) and / or the need for adoption of VMs and Services of ex. SSAS / DATALAKE, Azure ML and others, useful for the scalability of the project over time. It aims to enable the extraction, aggregation and presentation of data, coming from every type of sources (ERP, xls, DB SQL/No SQL , Xml, csv, Social...), in particular SAP and AX environment. BI Accelerator accelerates the implementation mechanism (etl), within different areas, such as Business Process Management and IoT Smart Projects. Through an Agile methodology, it combines the technological paths harmonizing them with the functional aspects, fostering the creation of value to support corporate decisions and strategies, and it leads the implementation of useful knowledge, able to innovate and guide new business models. It is thought for those companies and organizations, which believe in Data path and in its importance for the business improvement. Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Office 365