Migration Client/Server to Web: 3 Hr Assessment

fecher GmbH

The Free Analysis of a web enabling project explains the 4 phases of such a project, what technologies we use, what you can expect, how long it takes and what budget is needed.

This offering is for companies who currently are implementing a Client-/Server application in .NET winform and need this application with all features identically working in a browser, deployable to Microsoft Azure or any other IIS. Such a Free Analysis and migration is also possible including a migration of the programming languages VB6 and Gupta to .NET C# or VB.NET as well as from Silverlight

The Free Analysis creates an assessment of your solution based on statistical data, that you can create yourself with a tool from fecher. This is a free of cost service with the following results:

  • a clear and reliable estimation of time and cost of a full migration (web enabling) of your software
  • an introduction in the technologies that we use for such a project
  • a presentation of different Line of Business applications that we have web enabled
  • a presentation of our approach and the different cooperation models
  • a introduction in our UI/UX-Redesign service

The Free Analysis is the first evaluation step of a modernization / web enabling from Client/Server to web. With this first and very simple step we already create very reliable estimations of cost and time as well as a first technical assessment of technical challenges.