Data Warehouse: 1 Day Assessment

Fellowmind Denmark A/S

The purpose of this offer is to help customers understand their business based on the data they poduce. Thereby, helping them become a data driven company through data warehousing.

Well-informed business processes are in our time essential, so the pressure organizations feel can be relieved by data warehousing initiatives. Fellowmind believes that successful data warehousing organizations, will be successful business enterprises. The urgency of market pressures, along with pure financial considerations, make it crucial that past errors are not repeated, and whatever is correct and useable out of past data be identified and leveraged. Therefore, Fellowmind would like to help customers asses their data warehousing architecture, with the goal of optimizing their use of data and the overall company flow. Fellowmind, would like to do the assessment in just one day to maximize customer value and minimize time spend on pre-analysis. Fellowmind, will, firstly, do this for free as a curtesy to our customer and secondly, with hopes of a future collaboration.

This is all done through Microsoft Azure, which provides the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network and on a consumption basis. Some of the benefits you gain from Microsoft Azure is scalability on demand, data security, improved IT infrastructure, data insights, integration with other tools etc.

The scalability on demand means that Azure is able to easily adapt to the continues changing circumstances of your business. Its flexible features can work both on a manual and auto scaling basis, in line with the demands of application usage. Unlike traditional hosting, scaling in Azure is much easier because you can change to different service plans depending on your needs.

In data security over 50 world-class compliance certifications and 99 years of retention, Azure can protect your data like no other cloud computing platform. It offers single click backup support for SQL database and virtual machines running in Azure. In the event of service disruption or data loss, Microsoft Azure can recover your data 66% quicker than an on-premise IT solution.

Regarding improved infrastructure, through IaaS and PaaS, enterprises can outsource their IT infrastructure and create web applications without having to spend money on infrastructure maintenance. Here you can partner with Fellowmind to leverage IaaS and PaaS and build custom enterprise apps on Azure to scale up your business faster.

Furthermore, you gain improved insights, since Azure facilitates access to key data insights through SQL and NoSQL data services and built-in support. It also integrates with Excel and more business intelligence features are being added as demand increases. This means you can improve decision making processes and gain valuable insights into what opportunities are available.

You will also achieve benefits through integration with other tools. Most businesses depend on other tools like Microsoft 365 or Office 365. Investing in a comprehensive cloud platform like Azure enables you to seamlessly integrate all of your other Microsoft tools and on-premise products into a single integrated environment.