Azure 101 Cost Workshop - Two 1 Hour Consultations


Receive a free consultation with a license specialist to review your Azure setup, spend, and optimize your machines. This is a twice a year meeting to review systems and make cost saving adjustments.

The Azure 101 cost workshop is a free consultation for businesses who are either new to Azure, want to learn how it works, or want to optimize their spend. With this offer, clients will receive 2 meetings a year, one immediately after purchasing an Azure subscription, and another meeting 1-3 months after utilizing Azure.

After purchasing an Azure subscription, we set a first meeting with our clients to go over the fundamentals of Azure.

The preliminary workshop will teach our clients:

  • How Azure works as a metered service, you pay for what you use
  • How Azure's cost structure operates
  • How usage is tallied at the end of the month and pricing for specific resources
  • How to turn machines on and off
  • The way to pick the virtual machines that are the right for their business
  • Pricing around specific resources

Once the client has the basic knowledge of how Azure operates, we take a step back and let them get into the swing of things. If there are issues between the preliminary meeting and the follow up, we are able to assist, but the main purpose of the period between is to get an idea of how costs look, and what size of machines are actually needed. In the first few months, we have seen that the monthly cost for clients generally creeps up. In the follow up meeting, we are able to look at usage, and make informed business decisions about the needs of the client and make recommendations regarding how to reduce spend without impacting the organization.

The follow up meeting will consist of:

  • Teaching the client how to keep an eye on their spend, down to a daily basis
  • How to set up notifications with alerts when the client is near or surpassing their budgeted spend.
  • How to locate the charts and metrics and understand where/to what resources their budget is going to
  • Review of the spend chart on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in order to view at a granular level what charges are
  • Breaking down costs by resources to see what is using the most and least of the spend
  • Identifying areas where optimizations can occur, and reducing the usage or right-sizing the resources

After the secondary meeting, clients are able to utilize the recommendations that have been made and make changes to how their Azure machines are organized. If the client would like, we are also able to then create an SOW to assist with implementing these changes/recommendations. This collaboration is completely catered to the clients needs, and we can expand on the areas that they would like to get more detail in.

This is an ongoing service. Every year upon renewal, clients receive access to bi-annual meetings where we can further discuss their spend, make additional changes because of changes within their organization. If additional meetings are necessary, clients are able to request additional meetings via their account manager.