Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT with Enterprise Data


Finchloom’s Templatized Base Deployment of Azure OpenAI unleashes the power of your own version of ChatGPT against your own enterprise data.

Engagement Overview

This project is a Proof of Concept to a conversational AI platform based on the GPT- version 3.5 or 4 (based on availability) language model. The project leverages the Azure cloud infrastructure and the OpenAI API to provide scalable, secure and reliable chatbot solutions for various domains and use cases.

Finchloom will evaluate Client's motivation and objectives of the project, such as enhancing customer experience, reducing operational costs, and improving business outcomes. FINCHLOOM will also review and configure with the ​Client.​

  • Azure Open AI Architecture features and functionalities
  • Basic Chatbot Deployment and Configuration,
  • Web Interface or Teams Chatbot integration with Logging,
  • Complete IT Administrator Training on terminology and maintenance,
  • Recorded End User Training for Prompt Engineering

At the end of the project the ​Client​ will have:

  • A fully functional chatbot application that can handle user queries and requests in natural language against sample enterprise data.

  • A Strong understanding of the concepts and implementation of Azure Open AI

  • A document that describes the design, development, deployment, and testing process of the chatbot application

  • A technical road map for Azure Open AI Implementation

Engagement Approach Parties agree that the engagement will be approached as follows:

Review and Assessment

  • The motivation and objectives of the project, such as enhancing customer experience, reducing operational costs, and improving business outcomes.

  • The architecture and design of the project, such as the components, services, and workflows involved in building, deploying, and managing chatbots.

  • The features and functionalities of the project, such as the natural language understanding, generation, and dialogue management capabilities of the chatbots.

  • The challenges and limitations of the project, such as the ethical, legal, and social implications of using chatbots, the data quality and privacy issues, and the technical difficulties and risks.

  • Review ​Client's future plans and directions, such as the roadmap, milestones, and deliverables, the evaluation and feedback mechanisms, and the potential collaborations and partnerships.

Provision Azure Open AI Service with ChatGPT

  • Provision and configuration of necessary Azure Resources: Resource Groups, Cognitive Services, Azure Open AI Resource, ChatGPT Deployment, Azure Storage Accounts, Log Analytics Workspace, Azure Monitor, Cost Management, Azure Security

  • Setup Chatbot Application

    • Define the use case and target audience for the chatbot application.
    • Design the conversational flow and user interface for the chatbot application.
    • Train and fine-tune the Azure OpenAI ChatGPT model using custom data and parameters.
    • Deploy and test the chatbot application on Azure cloud platform.
    • Monitor and evaluate the performance and user feedback of the chatbot application.
  • Training

    • IT Administrator Training
    • Azure OpenAI Administration
    • Chat Playground
    • Proper use of Azure and Azure Resources for Admins
    • Azure Cost Management
    • Azure Monitoring and Security
    • End User Training Sessions: Intro to Prompt Engineering
  • Presentation of findings from the project

  • Observations, Results, Challenges and Risks
  • Azure Open AI Documentation and Architecture
  • Technical Roadmap
  • Recommendations and Next Steps