AzureAD Tenant Consolidation:1-Wk Implementation


Migrate all your data to a single, secure location with Finchloom’s comprehensive implementation

We have expertise in a variety of strategic business areas related to Azure and Azure AD. With Finchloom's Azure AD tenant consolidation, migrate all existing data that you have on multiple tenants to a single, secure location. We look at the requirements from the several tenants where there might have compliance issues, regulatory issues, or specific security requirements and make sure that the requirements from both organizations are considered so the end tenant is in a state that that maintains the compliance and security for all organizations as necessary.

Stop gap and Band-Aid approaches are not what we do. We do not provide temporary fixes that have to be undone and retrained after; we front-load the analysis so we don't put a temporary fix in place. Once you have cutover with Finchloom, you will have a fully functioning and operational tenant.

Our professionals have completed hundreds of consolidations amounting to thousands of man hours. Instead of disturbing an internal IT team with learning and executing this one-off task, Finchloom can provide all of the expert resources to see your business through the transition.

The process begins with identification of the systems that will need to be migrated and/or rebuilt. We then determine what resources we need to pull from our team in order to best act on the consolidation. Once the professional resources are brought to the table, we co-plan with the organization what the process will look like over the next few weeks/months, what pieces we can take on individually, and which pieces the client would like to take on. We do this in order to allow clients to learn about maintaining the new environment, and so that our clients can manage their budgets more effectively by choosing what to take on themselves to keep costs down.

Once the migration/consolidation has been completed, the tenant is the organizations to do with what they please, and if they need any help after the final cutover, Finchloom can help.

Finchloom is a 100% Microsoft focused, direct Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and reseller of Microsoft 365 and Azure Subscriptions and services. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, providing professional services, managed services, and recruiting services to mid-market and enterprise customers across the United States. Finchloom’s deep expertise in Azure, Teams, SharePoint, and Security enables us to offer a variety of services including project design, implementation, management, augmentation, license and security audits, and empowers our clients to innovate through collaboration with the best in Microsoft engineering.

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