FLIGHT Azure Professional Services: 1-Month Implementation


Level-pay professional services offering for companies looking to outsource projects, services, and staffing by accessing a team of experts to complete project work and fill critical skills gaps.

Dedicated Azure Resources at Your Fingertips

Finding skilled Azure project talent in todays work environment is tricky, especially talent in niche areas like migrations, security, and identity. Our clients don't hire employees or contractors for one-off Azure projects, and instead augment their staff with Finchloom Azure industry experts through our FLIGHT program.

The Finchloom FLIGHT program is a level-pay professional services offering for companies looking to collaborate on multiple projects for Azure by accessing a team of Microsoft-certified expert Architects and Engineers to complete Azure project work and fill critical skills gaps.

Why FLIGHT for Azure Project Work?

FLIGHT delivers consistent engineering resources against a budget and plan. Each FLIGHT partner works with a team of resources & a dedicated project manager (PM) to execute services in parallel, on-time, and on budget.

The key to FLIGHT is a flexible scope and managed roadmap crafted in collaboration with our Cloud Consultants & clients’ IT teams to direct work & prioritize solutions. Our team of Architects/Engineers/PMs assess business’ Azure needs & create technical roadmaps of the work required to achieve their goals.

FLIGHT Budget Methodology

A distinguishing factor from most professional service plans is our unique budget methodology that provides steady budgeted cost. The hidden gem to our strategy is continuity of our assigned resources to our clients’ teams. Instead of moving resources around to other clients at the close of a project, the Finchloom PM has the authority & interest to maintain specific client teams of dedicated engineers that know their environment & culture. In the end, our clients work with us in perpetuity because we have great people, & FLIGHT ensures a long-term relationship with the best Azure engineers in the industry.

Available Azure Project Services

Built around Azure, FLIGHT offers a managed roadmap, design, & engineering for:

  • Compute & Databases
  • Hybrid + multicloud, and VDI
  • Identity
  • Management and governance
  • Migration, Networking, & Storage
  • Security & more!