Finchloom Professional Services for Azure - 1 hour


FREE 1 hr consultation to determine scope and pricing for deployment projects

Our goal with Azure Professional Services is to work with an organization's IT Department focused on transforming their Datacenters and developing Hybrid Cloud solutions or migrations to Microsoft Azure.

In our Azure practice area, we focus on Microsoft Infrastructure and Operations; servers, networking, storage, identity, access, and security. We were founded on over 40+ years of IT experience in developing and managing medium to large scale Microsoft Server environments for companies sized 250-5000 users.

Get Rid Of Your Servers - Migrate Windows and SQL Server to Azure Whether you have servers today on VMWare, Hyper-V, or physical hardware, we can help you get rid of those servers and move your Windows and SQL Servers to Azure. Once we get your servers into Azure, we begin to look for ways to optimize your spending and find the right size the environment for your needs.

Implement Azure Security & Operations Once your servers and workloads are in Azure, we can guide you and help setup proper operations and security - including Patching, Backups, Monitoring, and Change Control. Additionally, we offer full Security capabilities such as endpoint protection, access control, and security monitoring.

Migrate to Azure File Storage If you have large files you need to access or just store for long-term, we can help migrate your file servers to Azure File Storage. Our team develops the storage plan, helps with migration of data, and remaps client apps and devices to the new location.

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop For remote workers, contractors, mergers, and acquisitions, we offer our experts to build out your Windows Virtual Desktop environment. Let us help you price out your environment, setup the host pools, customize and deploy the image, and setup monitoring and administration for your team.

CONTACT US NOW for a free consultation. Each project is custom and we can provide you an estimate of how many hours it will take us to perform the work.