Mandiant ICS/OT Security HealthCheck: 4 Wk Assess


Assess and improve your security posture with an industrial control systems and operational technology assessment powered by Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT.

Mandiant’s ICS/OT Security HealthCheck looks at the overall cyber security posture of industrial environments and provides tactical actions and strategic recommendations to improve security defenses across different layers of industrial environments. This assessment combines our ICS/OT consultants’ domain expertise with Mandiant’s overall knowledge of threat actors and incident response with network analysis powered by Azure Defender for IoT. The assessment is comprised of a workshop-based ICS/OT architecture review, a detailed technical analysis of firewall configurations and minimally invasive ICS/OT network traffic analysis powered by Azure Defender for IoT and other security tools.

How It Works:

Architectural Risk Analysis & Threat Modeling
  • Document current network understanding
  • Develop threat model
  • Prioritize controls
Technical Data Analysis
  • Network segmentation review
  • Security device configuration review
  • Network traffic analysis, device inventory, and vulnerability analysis powered by Azure Defender for IoT
Key benefits of the Mandiant ICS/OT Security HealthCheck include:
  • Avoid operational risks associated with network scanning and software agents in an ICS/OT environment through our minimally invasive approach.
  • Identify ICS/OT device security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Receive human analysis of anomalous and suspicious activity performed by Mandiant ICS/OT experts.
  • Walk away with actionable, prioritized, and customized findings in the form of a threat model diagram, an ICS/OT HealthCheck report and a summary of strategic and technical recommendations for management and key stakeholders.

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