Free 2 Day assessment for App modernization

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Ready for a tech refresh? With First Digital's App Modernization Assessment, you'll collaborate with top experts in Microsoft technologies to receive a customized plan for modernizing your application

The tech landscape advances at lightning speed, and what was once a cutting-edge enterprise application can gradually become outdated or challenging to upkeep.

At First Digital, our team of software architects and developers boast decades of experience in delivering successful software solutions that align with your business objectives. Whether you're looking to upgrade your tech stack, introduce new features, or migrate on-premises applications to Azure, First Digital can help you navigate the complex choices and potential roadblocks that arise with every tech project.

Our area of expertise lies in developing custom enterprise applications that include mobile, web, desktop, cloud, and database development, tailored to your specific needs.

Assessment Agenda A First Digital consultant will collaborate with your team and stakeholders to conduct a high level assessment of your application's current state, desired goals, and the optimal path to achieve them. The sessions can be conducted remotely.

Day 1 - Introductions and discussion of current state, goals and objectives. Day 2 - High-level technology discussions, roadmap preparation.

Deliverables: Roadmap outlining high-level requirements