Azure Migration: 3-Month Proof of Concept

First National Technology Solutions, Inc.

Let the certified experts at FNTS help migrate your workloads to the Azure Cloud. Save time and money by migrating to FNTS' Azure Cloud environment.

Learn how FNTS can help shift your IT focus to the cloud by creating a joint migration plan to move your environment to the Azure Cloud.

*Final pricing and timeline will be on custom terms.

With the FNTS Azure Migration Plan:

The Azure Migrate process begins with a discovery of the servers in the environment and overall server assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, replication is enabled for the servers to be migrated. Azure Migrate provides a unified migration platform to start, run and track the migration journey to Azure. FNTS then can assess and migrate servers, databases, web applications, virtual desktops and data.

Why consider the Azure Cloud?

Savings When migrating to the Azure Cloud, you save on overall capital expenditures compared to purchasing and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. Our experts at FNTS can help you migrate to the Azure Cloud cost-efficiently while helping you stay up-to-date on the latest technology to enhance speed, security and scalability. Leverage our subject-matter expertise to achieve long-term cost savings, maximize your bottom line, and increase your IT footprint and digital capabilities.

Security At FNTS, keeping your data and computing environments safe and secure is our top priority. FNTS employs certified industry professionals who provide a holistic approach to security by leveraging an automation platform that results in rapid response to alerts and enhanced overall protection of data. With the latest in security offerings and an ability to meet the strictest regulatory requirements, FNTS is here to keep your Azure Cloud environment compliant and secure from intrusion.

Flexibility Unlike on-premises systems, data in the Azure Cloud can be stored and accessed from anywhere, providing businesses the ability to transition seamlessly from in-office to work-from-home scenarios – a key necessity in today’s evolving hybrid work environment.