Cloud Transformation Fundamentals: 2-Hr Briefing

Forefront Consulting Group

Get an overview of the modern cloud. Learn about benefits and possible business outcomes and how to start your cloud transformation journey.

The ability to create competitive advantage with the help of the power of public cloud platforms - that's Cloud Transformation for us! Renew older systems, build new functionality faster and take part in increasing technological innovation.

The new world of cloud computing might seem daunting and knowing how to get started on your cloud transformation journey is not an easy task. Forefront has extensive experience in helping customers make their way to the cloud and we can guide you on to the right path.

This briefing is aimed at decision makers who wants to know more about the cloud and how to determine if the cloud is the right fit for their organization.

Main topics

  • The basics of Azure and cloud computing
  • What benefits can you expect
  • Possible cloud adoption strategies
  • How to get started on your journey


  • A sample cloud transformation plan
  • Recommendations for next steps