Azure Landing Zone 8-Week Implementation & Introduction to CAF

Formula Consulting LLC

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey: Swiftly establish a fully functional Microsoft Azure environment meticulously tailored to your unique requirements.

At Formula5, our core competencies revolve around Microsoft Azure services and infrastructure. Our team acquired extensive experience shaping the Cloud Adoption Framework by successfully executing large Microsoft Azure migrations. Collaborating with our seasoned professionals, who possess a holistic understanding of cloud aspects—from Planning and Migrating to Securing, Governing, Operating, and Managing Costs—is pivotal for maintaining a well-organized cloud environment. Formula5 meticulously designs cloud solution architectures, employing a DevOps approach with leading tools like Azure DevOps or GitHub, all streamlined through fully automated processes. This ensures that our clients benefit from established best practices.

Formula5's offer of Azure Landing Zone Implementation and Introduction to CAF ensures that you’re production-ready within eight weeks, and include:

First step

Our team of experts will provide you with an overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). This comprehensive lifecycle framework is designed to empower cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision-makers in achieving successful cloud adoption. It offers proven guidance, best practices, and tools across each phase of your cloud journey.

Second step

Our Architects precisely design and deploy your Azure Landing Zone. Upon completion, you’ll possess a Microsoft Azure environment optimized for enterprise applications—whether they’re migrated from existing on-premises setups or brand-new cloud initiatives.

Azure Landing Zone Implementation include:

  • Requirements Gathering Workshop: Engage in an onsite or online workshop where we analyze your needs and identify ‘standard’ Velocity Landing Zone components.
  • Design Workshop: Presenting our proposed solution, we seek your approval before proceeding with implementation.
  • Design Authority Approvals: We assist with approvals and sessions to ensure alignment with your vision.
  • High-Level Design Documents: Receive comprehensive design documentation.
  • Build Hub & Spoke Subscriptions: Following Azure Enterprise Scaffold best practices, we construct Hub & Spoke Subscriptions using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Build Hub Subscription: Customize your Hub with your preferred Network Virtual Appliance (NVA) firewall(s), configured for secure internet edge and network traffic segregation.
  • Project Management: Project Management: We meticulously manage the entire process onsite and/or online, leveraging Microsoft Teams and other tools for seamless collaboration.
  • Tailored Handover Sessions: Our handover sessions ensure a smooth transition, including comprehensive build documentation.

(Custom Options) Engagement Phase Deliverables: Explore additional options, including on-premises connectivity and cross-region Disaster Recovery (DR).


Upon successful engagement, you’ll possess an operational knowledge of CAF and Microsoft Azure environment primed for new or migrated workloads, featuring:

  • Hub & Spoke Topology: Streamlined connectivity and resource organization.
  • Security (Isolation & Policy): Robust security measures aligned with your needs.
  • Subscription Management: Efficiently manage your Microsoft Azure subscriptions.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Fine-tuned access permissions.
  • Choice of NVA Firewall: Selection from different avaiable solutions, such as Azure Firewall, Palo Alto, FortiGate, or Cisco.
  • Build Automation for Spokes: Streamline deployment processes.
  • Security & Availability Monitoring: Proactive monitoring for peace of mind.
  • Backup & Recovery: Safeguard your critical data.
  • The price is estimated. As this is a tailored solution, and because we’re committed to ensuring it aligns precisely with your organizational goals, the cost of the build may vary depending on the agreed specifications.

    Let’s embark on this Microsoft Azure journey together!