Microsoft Entra Verified ID: An Informative Briefing on Key Features and Real-World Applications

Formula Consulting LLC

Formula5's briefing on Microsoft Entra Verified ID provides organizations with a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and potential behind Verifiable Credentials.

Formula5 offers modern Identity and Access Management solutions leveraging Microsoft Entra products. We integrate with various technologies leveraging Microsoft Azure services and Microsoft Entra products, combining decentralized and centralized identity solutions.

At the core of building a resilient and people-centered hybrid workplace is the creation of a strong digital identity for staff, contractors, and customers. Microsoft introduces Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a decentralized identity solution designed to empower individuals to securely verify their identity, manage credentials, and selectively share their information with chosen organizations. Our Microsoft Entra Verified ID - fundamentals and use cases briefing provides clear understanding of fundamental concepts and potential behind Verifiable Credentials. To help organisations prove the value of using Entra Verified ID and guide their ongoing digital identity journey, we offer 2-hours briefing:

  • Hour 1: Introduction to verifiable credentials and core concepts along with use cases.
  • Hour 2: Leveraging Microsoft Entra Verified ID for employee verification using Verifiable Credentials - use case and implementation overview.

We look forward to you joining us for your comprehensive briefing. You can also read more about our Accelerator for Microsoft Entra Verified ID at