Verifiable Credentials with Microsoft Entra Verified ID: full architecture design with initial deployment

Formula Consulting LLC

Formula5's Microsoft Entra Verified ID Workshop & POC helps organizations to understand decentralized identity concepts and implement secure identity solutions using Verifiable Credentials.

At Formula5, we make it easier for organizations to adopt Microsoft Entra Verified ID through our VerifiedID Workshop & POC. By taking advantage of the Formula5 Verified ID Workshop & POC, organizations can quickly dive into decentralized identity with a deeper understanding of best practices while also gaining hands-on knowledge of implementation. Organizations will also learn unique ways in which the business can leverage VerifiedIDs for their business operations.

Our Workshop & POC provides:

  • An introduction workshop to Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials.
  • A sandbox environment setup with Microsoft Entra Verified ID for hands-on experience.
  • A complete implementation scenario for employee verification with Verifiable Credentials in the POC environment.

What are some of the use cases for Verifiable Credentials we can help you with after successful POC?

  • Healthcare (Verified Patient: Use Verifiable Credentials to store patient’s profile information and to access medical data after presenting credentials in the applications.
  • Insurance (Verified Agent): Verify the identity of the representative acting on behalf of the insurance company.
  • E-commerce (Verified Coupon): Digitize coupons using Verifiable Credentials, providing complimentary incentives and discounted access to customers.

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To make it easier for you to discover the potential behind Verifiable Credentials and Microsoft Entra Verified ID, we created Formula5’s Formula Healthcare Demo Solution. Click the link below and try it yourself:

** Verifiable Credentials** Verifiable Credentials offer a secure, privacy-conscious, and machine-verifiable way to express different types of credentials on the Internet, like driver’s licenses or university degrees. A verifiable credential refers to a collection of identity data obtained from a trusted source (issuer), which can be shared by an individual or an organization (owner) with any desired entity (verifier), using cryptographic operations underneath to make solution secure and tamper proof.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a managed service that offers verifiable credentials. It is based on open standards and automates the verification process for identity credentials and facilitates privacy-protected interactions between organizations and users.