Digital Transformation: 5-Day Security Assessment

Forsyte IT Solutions

Security assessment of your digital transformation strategy and available Microsoft security solutions, including recommendations and implementation roadmaps.
**This 5-day assessment is for technical leaders and is conducted virtually, following a 3-phase process over a 5-day time period:** **Phase 1: Assessment & Review** * Discuss triggers & security objectives * Discuss projects in progress * Review the organization's threat landscape * Identify opportunities to increase security with MS licenses **Phase 2: Analysis & Recommendations** * Discuss current security status, risks, & threats * Discuss improvements for your organization: * Identity & access management * Security & data protection * Data backups & disaster recovery * Device management **Phase 3: Briefing Session** * Present findings & recs based on vulnerabilities * Provide roadmaps & next steps **By the end of the assessment and feedback, the client can define a high-level plan and an implementation roadmap for securing their digital transformation in the Microsoft cloud.**