Windows Virtual Desktop- 1/2 day solution workshop

Foundation IT

Windows Virtual Desktop - Technical Workshop and Suitability Assessment

Windows Virtual Desktop is an Azure based virtual desktop platform that provides a viable strategy to organisations who are looking at cloud based desktop models as a successor to on-premise VDI or as a business continuity strategy. FIT provide a fully managed WVD instance that offers a secure, cloud based desktop solution.

Many customers are looking to move more of their services to cloud but have large on-premise footprints supporting their End User Compute environment (VDI, RDS). A managed WVD platform from FIT presents the opportunity to remove that on-premise footprint and provide users with a secure desktop and application delivery solution that is flexible, scalable and cost effective.

This half day workshop is designed for organisations that are exploring whether Windows Virtual Desktop is a viable desktop and application delivery platform.

In this introductory workshop, we will cover: *WVD overview *WVD Technical Architecture *WVD Pricing Structure *WVD adoption pre-requisites *WVD core use cases *WVD partner eco-system

The workshop will be semi-structured with elements of presentation and discovery discussion. Customers that attend the workshop will come away with:

*An understanding of the architecture that underpins WVD
*A view on the appropriate use cases for WVD *Appreciation of pre-requisites and licensing requirements *Understand the commercial structure within Azure for WVD *Get introduced to the eco-system of 3rd party vendors that enhance WVD capability (Droplet, Liquidware) *Understand how FIT can support and run operations to convert WVD into DaaS

Post workshop, FIT will provide the customer with feedback and recommendations on their WVD adoption strategy.

Foundation IT have a long history working with virtual desktop infrastructure with successful deployments at 118118, The Cabinet Office, G4S and many others.