Data Platform: 3-Wk Assessment


Design, implement and support data migration to cloud, modernized data platform and data analytics use cases

By strong experience to build up Digital Platform (the modernized data platform) with many customers, FPT is aware that the most challenges are: • Having strong and extendable architecture that support to flexibly develop large number of use cases. • But still be easy and flexible to start with small number of components and focus on immediate success of the first use cases. The below key factors to ensure to delivery successfully Digital Platform: • Solution & Technology Aspect: o Combination of Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Hub benefits, o Loose-coupling design to easily deploy and extend, o High security and compliance, o Leverage of cloud services for data analytics and big data: Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Streaming Analytics, Data Factory, Azure ML, Azure Cognitive Services. • Project Execution Aspect: o Lightweight and agile process o Best practice of cyclic use case discovery and implementation model The services we offer include: • Assessment & Consulting o Assess and propose Digital Platform architecture and roadmap o Provide detailed solution, design and implementation plan for Digital Platform or existing issues o Provide POC/MVP for complex projects o Data governance consulting • Platform Implementation o Migrate the traditional DWH to Digital Platform on prem or Azure, including migrating data and rebuild data processing and analytics/BI o Renovate/optimize existing data platform o Building new data layers and data pipelines from ingestion, processing to analytics/BI on existing Data Platform • Use Case Implementation o Implement E2E data pipeline or a part, handling scheduled/event-triggering batch and streaming data with flow orchestration o Implement BI reports & dashboards o Implement big data processing o Implement AI/ML use cases • Managed Service, Operation & Support