Azure Security 3-Week Assessment


The Azure Security Assessment Service provides security analysis, review and reporting services for customers’ Azure environments

  • The Fujitsu Azure Security Assessment Service offers a highly-focused assessment methodology, which provides an independent view of the current security state of the customer’s Azure environment. The output is a report that provides a clear set of recommendations to enable the improvement of the existing security controls. The Fujitsu Azure Security Assessment Service consists of the methodology described herein, tools and processes for assessing customers’ security policies and technical controls for Azure implementations. The resulting report provides recommendations and actions to achieve compliance with Azure security best practice, industry specific security principles and regional or regulatory requirements.
    • Professional Services:
  • Project and consultancy services for: Azure security assessment report, which shall cover:
  • •Review and assessment of customers’ Azure architecture and implementation against Microsoft recommended security best practices
  • •Review and assessment of customers’ Azure security policies and implementation
  • •Review and assessment of access controls
  • •Virtual machine vulnerability assessment using Azure Security Centre
  • •Provide security recommendations resulting from the assessment
    • Commercial:
  • •The provision of the Fujitsu Azure Security Assessment Service as detailed within this document is subject to Fujitsu’s standard consultancy terms and conditions (a copy of which can be provided upon request).
  • •Fujitsu shall provide a fixed price (capable of acceptance) once the customers’ requirements, environment complexity and overall scope are understood and agreed by both parties.
  • •The services cannot commence, until an acceptable purchase order has first been approved by Fujitsu from the customer.
    • This application is available in English.