Cloud Transformation Assessment - 10 wks


Better understand your infrastructure and business applications, and position yourself to develop and execute evidenced based IT transformation strategies with confidence.

Fujitsu’s Cloud Transformation Assessment will discover and assess your current IT infrastructure and application environment, and provide valuable, evidence-based recommendations to inform your move to Microsoft Azure. The output from the assessment will help reinforce, priorities and extend existing strategic decisions, and provide supporting evidence for a decision to transform the IT environment into Azure.

The assessment brings together tooling, Fujitsu IP and specialists that provides a clear understanding of your infrastructure, applications along with their physical and logical inter-dependencies and business value, and recommends the ideal transformation strategies that enable you to meet your business needs.

Cloud Transformation Assessment is a key stage in a customer’s cloud transformation journey, taking input on business drivers and strategy, and delivering the outputs needed for a successful implementation.

Assessment Key Activities

Fujitsu works with you to:

  • Understand your business needs, to set IT strategy and define KPIs for top level planning
  • Perform a network-level discovery to identify the devices within your environment for assessment
  • Normalise and analyse the output data discovered
  • Identify the physical and logical relationships between applications and their dependencies
  • Identify the application and infrastructure components to be migrated to a multi-cloud environment.
  • Report on the in-scope application environment to identify and articulate application transformation activities and strategy, at a per-application and portfolio level.
  • Agree with you the scope and suitability of applications for migration or transformation.
  • Price is estimated based on 200 VMs / 30 Applications / 1x Source DC. Service delivery time frame can vary from 10 to 12 weeks.