Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring PoC


Protect your Azure environment from the evolving cyber threats with Fujitsu

As many of our customers have deployed or are transitioning to Microsoft Azure and its associated technology stack, Fujitsu's Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring Service becomes essential for protection against rapidly evolving cyber threats.

What is Threat Monitoring?

Threat Monitoring offers centralized, correlated, real-time detection and alerting for Azure and Microsoft Applications. We offer a 30-day workshop for proof of value.

We integrate customers' security tools and applications into their Microsoft Sentinel instance. We configure and create analytic rules and enrich external IP data to provide additional context for customer incidents.


What is Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring Consult Workshop

  • A 30 day structured consultancy proof of value exercise with customers who invested in Microsoft Security
  • We will host a 90-minute fact finding session with the customer to discuss and outline their initial deployment footprint
  • We will build and deploy Microsoft Sentinel for the customer in their Azure Tenant
  • Onboarding will focus exclusively on Microsoft Security Controls with scope limited for up to 5 non Microsoft Security Tools/or additional simple data sources
  • For 30 days Fujitsu will provide a remote Threat Monitoring service which helps Customer IT Teams focus on other priorities
  • We enrich specific Security Incidents with Threat Intelligence which helps customer to determine whether they need to act upon the incident
  • At the end of the 30 day period customers can continue with Fujitsu’s Threat Monitoring Service

*Price of the service can vary depending on the on the project size and requirements.