Fujitsu Azure OpenAI Workshop


One day of acculturation workshop dedicated to innovation using generative artificial intelligence such as Chat GPT.

We are involved at each step on testing and learning Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT, including the value generated, required profiles, and perspectives from the client.

Phase 1: Use-Case Identification (Value and Profiles)

Value Generated: During this phase, the workshop will help identify specific business use-cases that can benefit from Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT integration. This ensures that the AI solution is aligned with the client's strategic goals and has a meaningful impact on their processes. Profiles Required: Client Representatives: Business stakeholders, department heads, and process owners who understand the challenges and opportunities within their processes. Our Team: Business analysts and consultants who can facilitate workshops, guide discussions, and extract key insights.

Phase 2: Process Analysis and Data Identification (Value and Profiles)

Value Generated: This phase involves a deep dive into the existing processes, understanding their nuances, and identifying relevant data sources that can be leveraged for AI-driven interactions. It sets the foundation for effective AI integration. Profiles Required: Client Representatives: Process owners, data managers, IT personnel familiar with the processes and available data sources. Our Team: Data analysts, AI engineers, and domain experts who can analyze processes, identify data requirements, and determine data feasibility.

Phase 3: Solution Design and Integration (Value and Profiles)

Value Generated: Creating the AI solution involves defining the ChatGPT prompts, integrating data sources, and setting up the Azure OpenAI environment. This phase ensures a seamless transition from process analysis to AI deployment. Profiles Required: Client Representatives: IT personnel, data managers, and business stakeholders involved in defining prompts and providing insights. Our Team: AI engineers, data scientists, and technical experts who can configure the AI model, develop integration solutions, and ensure data privacy.

Phase 4: Production Deployment and Observation (Value and Profiles)

Value Generated: Deploying the AI solution in a real-world environment allows the client to observe its impact on processes, gather user feedback, and fine-tune the model for optimal performance. Profiles Required: Client Representatives: End-users, customer service teams, and process owners who can provide feedback and assess the AI's effectiveness. Our Team: Data analysts, AI engineers, and support personnel who can monitor the AI's performance, gather insights, and make necessary adjustments.

Business Model Creation (Value and Profiles)

Value Generated: At the end of the workshop, we will create a comprehensive business model that outlines the benefits, potential expansions, and investments required for scaling the AI solution across the organization. Profiles Required: Client Representatives: Senior management, finance, and decision-makers who need a strategic overview of the AI's potential impact. Our Team: Business consultants, financial analysts, and strategic planners who can translate technical insights into a clear business model.

From our perspective, we will play a pivotal role in orchestrating the entire workshop, leading discussions, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring that the client's needs are effectively translated into AI solutions. Our team's expertise will guide clients through each phase, enabling them to make informed decisions and realize the full potential of Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT.