Fujitsu Drone-Enabled Security Solutions


Fujitsu provides drone-enabled security solution that includes the networking equipment to monitor large areas from a central location.

Fujitsu provides a complete, private wireless system built on Azure private MEC with Azure Private 5G Core that is tailored to support your specific enterprise security device requirements. Our technical team will provide a package that can be quickly deployed and configured, bolstering security in enterprise environments.

Fujitsu’s CBRS-enabled security solution offers a number of unique benefits: Our high-power radio provides a much larger coverage area than a Wi-Fi access point, allowing connectivity to be extended to more remote areas. Our 3GPP-based technology provides proven communications security, performing both encryption and authentication. Each device is configured explicitly to access the network. Unlike Wi-Fi, the spectrum used is resilient to interference, which allows reliable link performance. Equipment can be solar powered, allowing placement where commercial power is not available. A single security guard can quickly and efficiently surveil a large area without leaving their station.

Azure Private 5G Core is an Azure cloud service for deploying and managing 5G core network functions on an Azure Stack Edge device, as part of an on-premises private mobile network for enterprises. The 5G core network functions connect with standard 4G and 5G standalone radio access networks (RANs) to provide high performance, low latency, and secure connectivity for 5G Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Azure Private 5G Core gives enterprises full control and visibility of their private mobile networks