Fujitsu Enterprise Private Wireless Solutions


Fujitsu leverages CBRS innovation to support a variety of secure and reliable mission-critical enterprise applications and FWA broadband use cases.

Fujitsu provides a complete, comprehensive private wireless system built on Azure private MEC with Azure Private 5G Core that is tailored to support your specific coverage, performance, and device needs. Our systems are economically efficient regardless of their size, plus they're simple to deploy and use and can be conveniently located almost anywhere.

Our private wireless networking solution allows enterprises to: Get coverage where it’s needed Achieve deterministic network performance Directly control the devices attached to the network Take control of data privacy Enable mobility Leverage a robust security framework Monitor network health

As such, our solution is ideal for a variety of industry sectors with mission-critical applications, including fixed-wireless broadband access, industrial automation, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, real-time data applications, and more.