Secure SDLC for Azure DevOps: 2-WK POC

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Let us help you build more secure software using Azure DevOps Services.

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a software development process that helps the development team build more secure software. When included in Azure DevOps Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines, it can reduce the development cost through addressing security compliance requirements.

Security Development Lifecycle works well with Agile

Security Development Lifecycle can be used for Agile software development methodologies by introducing the concept of three activity classes:

  • Every-sprint practices: essential security practices that should be performed during every release (or even as part of Azure DevOps Continuous Integration Pipeline)
  • Bucket practices: important security practices that must be completed on a regular basis but can be spread across multiple sprints during the project lifetime
  • One-Time practices: foundational security practices that must be established once, at the start of each and every new Agile project.


  • Security and design requirements for your project (in a form of Work Items)
  • Implementation of your security static analysis tools into Azure DevOps CI
  • Plan of security training for development teams
  • Plan for verification and consulting throughout the development process

Please note that the price may differ depending on the number of components and technologies used in the system.