Cloud Native Development: 1-Month Assessment Project

Futurice Oy

Futurice team of certified cloud experts will assess your current needs and existing solution and propose migration path towards cloud native paradigm on Azure.

Cloud-native is a modern way of organizing the technology architecture and service delivery to fuel innovation and improve organisational productivity. The benefits of cloud native approach for organisations are evident and at the very core of digital transformation and value creation.

Cloud native development and applications are an integral part of a businesses cloud transformation and organizational change. Cloud-native key benefits include agility and velocity, which are required in today’s fast paced competitive environment, as well as flexibility in terms of technological and vendor choices, which reduce costs and risks of potential vendor lock-ins.

We support businesses in laying the foundation for agility and innovation by re-architecting enterprise architectures to support business objectives and deliver growth. Our approach to cloud native development goes beyond cloud-migration - we are certified experts in both business and technology with a cloud platform and vendor agnostic approach.

Cloud native technology is an umbrella term for containers, microservices, infrastructure, APIs and other technical means which enable organizations to run applications in the cloud.

In this engagement, our team of certified cloud experts will:

  • assess your current business, organizational and technical needs, your current existing solution and propose a migration path or a new development strategy and an architecture towards a cloud native paradigm by using Azure’s cloud native services such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Azure App Service, Azure DevOps and a variety of Azure databases.