Azure Managed Services: 4-Wk Implementation

FX Innovation

Partner with FX to keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimized and secure


Lack of applicable talent:

  • It's difficult to source the expertise and support required to manage and evolve a complex Azure infrastructure - especially with upskilling programs required to keep your teams up-to-date on the rapidly changing cloud landscape.

Security risks:

  • Operating with poorly designed cloud architecture exposing security vulnerabilities and restricting scalability.

Focus on your core business:

  • Let FX operate, optimize and govern your foundational technology so you can keep your attention on core business activities.

Cost visibility and clarity:

  • Losing control of cloud spend due to a lack of consolidated visibility and insights on cost optimization potentials.


Define Business Commitments FX will document supported workloads to establish operational commitments with the business and agree on Azure management investments for each workload.

An Established Management Baseline We begin by defining the criticality classifications, Azure management tools, and processes required to deliver your minimum commitment to operations management.

Azure Assessment, Planning, and Migration After an evaluation of your technology assets and their suitability for cloud migration, we can expand the management baseline and determine application migration strategies, while developing an execution roadmap.

Environment and Cost Optimization Optimize Azure spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and right sizing computing services to scale.