Application Modernization 2-Day Assessment

FyrSoft LLC

Get ready to move your legacy applications to the cloud with insights on the business impact, anticipated costs, and technology benefits of modernization.

The Application Modernization Assessment assists customers in identifying and prioritizing applications for modernization to Azure, thereby enhancing business agility and streamlining processes to meet current and future business objectives. Applications are evaluated from both a business and architectural perspective to provide customers with cost consumption estimates, reference architecture design, and a modernization plan.

The assessment process captures information critical to the assessment output via modern discovery tools. The deliverable is the Final Assessment Report, which summarizes the process and findings and makes key next steps recommendations. Each project recommendation should clearly articulate the value proposition for undertaking the project.

We can help you modernize legacy applications with an Application Modernization Assessment. We'll evaluate your current applications, discuss how to support your company and IT priorities, and recommend a strategy for modernizing to a production ready PAAS solution.

Streamline your move to the cloud - With the Application Modernization Assessment we take a four-phased approach.

  1. Assess & Discover - Gather key business objectives and IT process data.
  2. Plan & Decide - Determine how to support company and IT priorities.
  3. Migrate - Develop a roadmap for your organization’s cloud journey.
  4. Optimize - FyrSoft will help you measure your progress.

A Final Assessment Report will include:

  1. A high-level summary of project background and scope, data discovery.
  2. A summary review of the collected and assessed applications and data.
  3. Deliver a compelling business case aligned to the customer’s initial objective, evaluating the benefit, cost, and risks of the proposed solution.
  4. Provide a customized Migration Plan that addresses scope, time, and cost, including recommendations for a base architecture and landing zone foundation.