Azure Arc 3-Day POC

FyrSoft LLC

FyrSoft experts are offering a 3-day Azure Arc POC to help customers unified cloud VM’s into a single management platform, regardless of their cloud platform.

For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud, Azure Arc enables management virtual machines outside of Azure hosted VM’s anywhere and extends Azure management to any virtual machines in any infrastructure.

Organize and govern across environments - Get databases, Kubernetes clusters, and servers across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud environments under control by centrally organizing and governing from a single management portal.

Run data services anywhere - Get automated patching, upgrades, security and scale on-demand across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud environments for your data estate.

Multi Cloud Management - Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Azure

POC Key Activities

During the 3-day POC the following activities are performed.

a. Enable Azure Arc resources b. Management for client Deployment c. 1 Windows and 1 Linux from each cloud d. Multi OS management e. Patch management with Azure Arc f. Azure Arc Policies