Azure Cost Optimization 2-Day Assessment

FyrSoft LLC

Manage your cloud spending, and increase organizational accountability with insights, analysis, and recommendations to improve financial governance of your Azure solutions.

The Azure Cost Optimization Assessment is designed to provide customers with information necessary to evaluate their ability to operate their current Azure environment in a secure, well-managed, and cost-effective manner.

The assessment process captures information critical to the assessment output via modern discovery tools. The deliverable is the Final Assessment Report, which summarizes the process and findings and makes key next steps recommendations. Each project recommendation should clearly articulate the value proposition for undertaking the project.

Transform your technology - The Azure Cost Optimization Assessment takes a three-phased approach to determine your path forward.

  1. Assess & Discover - Gather accurate data from your IT environment
  2. Plan & Decide - Discuss insights and determine what changes are top priority
  3. Optimize - Grow your IT systems to accommodate your needs

A Final Assessment Report will include:

  1. Executive Summary: A high-level summary of project background and scope, data discovery.
  2. Summary of Current Environment: A summary review of the customer’s IT environment captured in data collection, being sure to: a. Identify risks to business on data security loss and vulnerabilities by identifying current or upcoming end-of-life products and/or hardware with upgrade path recommendations. b. Review consumption information on installed products that are unused or underutilized, with a consumption plan for adoption of technology. c. Provide an assessment of the customer’s policies and procedures, including strengths, areas of opportunity, and recommendations for improvement.
  3. Business case: Deliver a compelling business case aligned to the customer’s initial objective, evaluating the benefit, cost, and risks of the proposed solution.
  4. Recommended Next Steps: Provide a customized Migration Plan that addresses scope, time, and cost, including recommendations for a base architecture and landing zone foundation.