Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Workshop

FyrSoft LLC

In this workshop we’ll teach you how to create an analytics pipeline that goes from data ingestion to business intelligence, empower self-service and enable truly data-driven culture in your business.

Azure Synapse Analytics brings together solutions that address both approaches of data lakes and data warehouses in a service that provides limitless analytics. It’s quick and easy to configure, allows for fast exploration while ensuring enterprise-level security and privacy with the performance necessary to meet any scale of demand.

You will look at the process of creating an end-to-end solution using Azure Synapse Analytics. The workshop will cover data loading, data preparation, data transformation and data serving, along with performing machine learning and handling of both batch and real-time data.


  1. Create an analytics pipeline that goes from data ingestion to insights using Power BI
  2. Empower self-service analytics
  3. Enable a truly data-driven culture in your business
  4. The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on training to help customers get started on their cloud analytics journey