CAF - Strategy,Plan & Ready: 1-Day Workshop

FyrSoft LLC

Envision the strategy by understanding motivations,business outcomes,justification&project and validate the plan the digital estate, organizational alignment,skills readiness plan&cloud adoption plan.

  • Offer Description

•Introduce you to the Cloud Adoption Framework, help understand all elements of the transition to cloud •Assist in building a cloud adoption plan or optimizing current plan •Build learning path for your teams •Establish or optimize your Azure cloud environment

*Define Strategy - Document your cloud strategy to help stakeholders understand the business outcomes the organization is pursuing by adopting the cloud

1.Motivations: Understand motivations to move to cloud 2.Business Outcomes: Engage stakeholders to document specific business outcomes: 3.Business Justification: Develop a business justification that supports your motivations and outcomes 4.Identify First Project: Leverage business and technical criteria to choose your first project

  • Plan - Cloud adoption plans convert the aspirational goals of the cloud adoption strategy into actions. It will help guide technical efforts, in alignment with the business strategy

1.Rationalize Digital estate: Rationalize your digital estate to determine best approach to cloud adoption 2.Initial org alignment: Align governance and cloud adoption to mitigate risks 3.Skills readiness plan: Get your people ready by identifying skills gap and plan 4.Cloud adoption plan: Create an actionable cloud adoption plan that aligns to your business strategy

Ready - Ready establishes a cloud foundation or adoption target that can provide hosting for any adoption efforts.

1.Azure setup guide: Azure setup guidance in the Cloud Adoption Framework 2.First landing zone: Leverage the Cloud Adoption Framework migrate landing zone blueprint 3.Expand the blueprint: Use the landing zone considerations to enhance the blueprint template 4.Best practices: Validate landing zone modifications against best practices

  • Deliverable's
  1. Design and deploy Landing Zone
  2. Deploy ARM templates and Enterprise scale landing zone.