PeopleSoft on Azure – 4 Week Proof of Concept

FyrSoft LLC

Helping customers do pilot PeopleSoft migrations and educating them on efficient Azure migration strategies for PeopleSoft applications.

This Proof of Concept reduces risks and increases confidence levels of organizations to move their PeopleSoft applications to Microsoft Azure. For the migration POC, we will be migrating an existing PeopleSoft application to Azure. This POC will be educating organizations on migration strategies, system sizing and system performance on Azure. During the pilot program, we will be provisioning infrastructure on Azure and we will be migrating the PeopleSoft application identified by the organization. This Proof of Concept will also help organizations understand and evaluate high-availability and disaster recovery options; the stability and reliability factors of Azure will also be validated.

Week 1:

Establishing network connectivity between customer landscape and Azure cloud Ensuring all the needed firewall settings are enabled between on-premises to Azure Cloud Ensuring system readiness for the client system which needs to be migrated Creating and finalizing detailed migration

Week 2 & 3: Spinning up the required system on Azure cloud Deciding on migration tools Installation of PeopleSoft application on Azure cloud Migrating the customer Identified applications from on-premises to Azure cloud

Week 4: Technical testing for the newly migrated system on Azure Ensuring system stability and reliability on Azure cloud Evaluating backup strategy on Azure cloud Evaluating the need of high-availability and disaster recovery options as per customer’s needs

POC Goals: Migrating the Sandbox to Azure Cloud Seamless migration from on-premise to Azure cloud Migration plan for the organization’s PeopleSoft applications Key Performance Indicators Technical testing