Azure Landing Zone:15 Days Implementation


An Azure landing zone is an environment for hosting your workloads. its enables application migration, modernization, and innovation at enterprise-scale in Azure.

G-Able provides total services for Azure cloud platform including architect, design, implement and operation tailored to your business needs in all industries. When your workloads are hosted in the Azure cloud platform, we will also provide the importance of security and compliance with Azure security best practice. We understand the customers need to implementation process as quickly, so we have packages to provide from depending on the customer's business. The first package, we offer design and implementation azure landing zone depend on customer's business requirement. For second package, we include the workload migration to an azure cloud platform. The last package, we leverage the azure cloud solution to comply with the ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS v3.2.1, and HIPAA HITRUST 9.2 standards in many industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, retail, energy and industry, telecommunication, SMEs and startups, real estate, etc. to help your business achieve the goals.