Azure Health Check - 2Wk Assessment


Gain a 360-degree insight into your cloud environment, with our Azure Health Check Assessment

The Nasstar Azure Health Check can help by providing unbiased insight into your cloud environment, identifying areas for improvement and of opportunity, saving you time and money in the long-term. Through a series of tailored, interactive customer workshops, our experts will leverage the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, a guiding set of principles that help produce high quality, stable and efficient cloud architecture. Each pillar of the framework will be assessed and benchmarked 1-5 with a Nasstar advisory score and from there you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of recommendations across all areas of Azure Best Practice, which will enable you to better plan your cloud strategy going forward.

The details of the pillars are as follows: Operations and DevOps: Operational processes for efficiently deploying, managing, and monitoring your Azure solutions. Security: The continuous security of your applications, data and supporting Azure resources. Reliability: Withstanding and recovering from system failures in such a way that avoids downtime or data loss. Performance: Maintaining an optimal level of performance whilst responding to changes in demand. Cost Optimisation: Optimise to avoid or eliminate unnecessary costs or suboptimal resources. Sustainability: Continuing to develop new ways of reducing your carbon footprint and becoming more energy efficient.