Azure/ArcGIS Architecture Design: 2-Wk Assessment


GCS consulting services enables organizations to deploy ArcGIS technology in Microsoft Azure. Our 2-Wk Assessment includes a complete system design, encompassing Azure resources and ArcGIS software.

The 2-Week Assessment will include and/or consider:

  • Identify the business goals, outputs, and processes
  • Define the relevant use cases, epics, user stories
  • Explain software deployment patterns and licensing model
  • Gather non-functional requirements and service level agreements
  • Map the relevant business requirements to the technology
  • Design the conceptual architecture
  • Design the business user needs architecture
  • Design the application architecture
  • Design the data architecture
  • Design the approach to security
  • Design the network architecture
  • Design the platform architecture
  • Design the storage, backup and security configuration
  • Design integration and interoperability
  • Determine capacity planning and performance requirement
  • Build a phase/mitigation plan
  • Consider environment isolation, DevOps, load balancing, content delivery, workload separation
  • ArcGIS Server roles and extensions including Image, GeoAnalytics, GeoEvent, Business Analyst, and Notebook server
  • Azure Monthly Consumption Estimate
  • Estimated Azure usage
  • Scope of Work for Professional Services

Out of scope:

  • Software application and RDBMS design
  • Software development and programming

Week One Agenda:

  • Meet to determine primary design requirements
  • Agreement on requirements
  • Start on preliminary design
  • Review/feedback on preliminary design requirements
  • Agreement on preliminary design requirements

Week Two Agenda:

  • Start final design
  • Review/feedback on final design
  • Meeting to present final design

Estimated Fee: $5,000