5 day Azure Jumpstart Workshop

GDS Business Intelligence GmbH

5 days initial workshop to get you Cloud ready.

During the initial deployment of Azure, the Office 365 tenant and the connection to the company's internal network, many mistakes can be made that are difficult to correct afterwards. To help you avoiding these mistakes, GDS Business Intelligence GmbH will support you in building a best practices landing zone environment for all further Azure deployments. We will provide you with best practices scripts to build a state of the art cloud architecture. Besides helping you to take the first steps we also will teach you two full days on Azure fundamentals, so you get a hold of the big picture and will be able to know which important Azure services can be used in which scenario. Bringing Data to the cloud one of the biggest concerns is data privacy. We will show you what you can do to prevent possible data breaches. Another big topic are costs for cloud resources. We will help you how to decrease your monthly Azure spending. In the remaining two days we will support you in building an architecture for your cloud environment and discuss different approaches how to build your IT Cloud strategy.

Agenda: Day 1: Initial Setup of the Azure Environment Landing Zone Days 2 + 3: Azure-course Days 4 + 5: Mentoringprogram

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification