Azure Migration Assessment: 1-Week Assessment


We will help you assess and evaluate migration of your on-premise workloads to Microsoft Azure public cloud. We will evaluate all the aspects of your infrastructure.


  • Network: Discover the network topology that includes Firewall, VPN, DNS, DHCP and other services
  • Identity: Discover Active Directory Domains and other Identity management solutions
  • Security: Evaluate current security architecture for regulatory compliance and map to Azure capabilities
  • Application: Understand the technical architecture and summarize potential compatibility issues. Create performance baselines.
  • Monitoring: Understand the current monitoring platforms and map to the monitoring capabilities of Azure
  • Cost: Existing application running costs, a forecast of cloud running costs post-migration, and the cost of migration itself


  • Actionable assessment report.
  • Proposed Azure infrastructure architecture.
  • Test plan

Benefits of migration to Azure

  • Agile business
  • Focus on the core business
  • Financial flexibility


  • Up to 15 Virtual Machines or services