Get Migrate: 2to4-Months Cloud Migration and Implementation

Getronics Global Services B.V.

###Getronics getmigrate (Cloud Migration) offering enables businesses to adopt Azure Cloud and realize business objectives through a migration adoption and execution strategy

###Overview: This is an offering that focuses on providing Cloud migration capability to businesses by crafting a cloud roadmap or plan, following the R strategy to identify the roadmap of apps to cloud, enabling the target state of new-gen Azure environment and seamlessly migrating the workloads from current state onto Azure Cloud.

We focus on performing following activities:

  1. Review the migration readiness of an organization and plan the Migration journey
  2. Design and Build the target state also called Foundation on Azure Cloud
  3. Follow the R strategy outcome to Migrate workloads
  4. Operationalize New-gen Azure Cloud environment and ready it for continued success in the CloudOps that follows

We deliver the following as outcomes:

  1. Successfully created Foundation and Migrated Infrastructure on Azure
  2. Ready to use Azure environment that meets the business case (expectations) of moving to Cloud
  3. Enhanced user Experience
  4. Optimized cost with structured processes
  5. New-gen Cloud environment that adheres to Cost, Security and Ops best practices derived from CAF

This Migration engagement will be performed by leveraging the Getronics framework that addresses every aspect of the Cloud Migration and simplifies the decision making process. The Framework provides structure through our 4 phases or steps and detailed insights through our actions and deliverables during these phases.

###4 PHASES:

  1. PLAN
  3. MOVE

###Value we deliver with Cloud Migration: This migration offering is typically delivered over a 3 to 9 months period based on the environment type, business objective and related criteria and delivers the following values:

  1. Increase Speed to Market
  2. Improves User Experience
  3. Increases ROI by optimizing spend on repeatable tasks
  4. Helps organizations gains control over IT spend
  5. Reduced complexity in consumption of service within organizations
  6. Aids organization agility and helps in creating a transparent relationship between Business & IT

About Us: Getronics is a global ICT integrator with an extensive history that extends over 130 years. With over 3,700 colleagues across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Getronics’ vision is to re-imagine the digital future with our customers. We do this by leveraging an integrated and secure-by-design portfolio around Digital Workplace, Business Applications, Smart Spaces, Cloud, Field & Onsite Support, Service Desk, Network Infrastructure, and Security & Compliance to serve our more than 1,800 customers in both public and private sector.