Automotive Software Development with SDV Cloud Framework: 2-Wk Assessment

Globallogic Inc.

Build roadmap for modern Software Development Eco-system with modular, integrated, ready-to-use tool chain that drastically accelerates product development.

GlobalLogic offers 2-weeks consulting service with the focus on assessment of accelerated adoption of Azure cloud and CI\CD best practices. Test our expertise with a complimentary 1-hour briefing, then decide on the next steps.

SDV Cloud Framework (SDV CF) by GlobalLogic is a highly flexible, scalable infrastructure with a broad pool of relevant tools and services. These are individually tailored to the needs of each user or a specific task, as this is the only way OEMs and Tier 1s can effectively use existing systems, sustainably streamline processes, and align their software development with the new SDV principles. To this end, GlobalLogic's SDV framework includes:

  • Highly-modular Deployment Kit to build the Customer-Oriented Infrastructure
  • Cloud Development Environment ready for automotive software development
  • Quality Maintenance Services to cover ASPICE Software Integration and Qualification
  • Integrated Data Lake to ingest and analyze IoT data collected from the ECUs

2-Week Assessment outcomes and deliverables:

  • SDV development processes maturity assessment report
  • Applicability & scope of SDV CF implementation
  • High-level implementation roadmap
  • High-level effort & cost estimate

2-Week Assessment schedule:

  • 1st meeting (2 hours): GlobalLogic presents SDV Cloud Framework overview, capabilities and the Integration Plan structure, Customer presents overview of existing infrastructure/future needs
  • 2nd meeting (2 hours): Customer presents filled-in Integration Plan provided by Globallogic with requirements, tools, technologies and challenges required for the SDV development
  • 3rd meeting (1 hour, optional): Additional Q&A session
  • 4th meeting (1 hour): GlobalLogic presents assessment results

As a result of the assessment, customer will be provided with a draft architecture of the solution based on services like Azure Virtual Machine, Azure DevOps, Azure IoT, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Terraform, with respect to requirements and based on SDV CF Integration Plan.