Intelligent Spaces: 4-Wk Assessment

Globallogic Inc.

Let us assess the state of your office space management system and propose a new solution or improvements to the existing one.

GlobalLogic team made a research which includes some insights related to the smart building management which allowed to build an MVP using Azure Services, Dynamics 365, Power BI, and custom engineering.

Mission and Vision:

  • Enable people to be in a more safe and comfortable environment
  • By creating a space that is able to adapt and react quickly
  • Providing intelligent experiences that makes it easier to interact and communicate with the environment

Value Proposition:

  • Azure services allow us to work with the technology that is already in place so it’s possible to avoid unnecessary custom engineering
  • Possibility to evaluate design intent against the real situation
  • Interaction transparency and predictability to lower stress and anxiety
  • Improved operations and energy management


  • Stakeholders’ Vision and Requirements
    Document an understanding of the relevant stakeholders, vision, and requirements for a future state.
  • Current State Assessment
    Document an understanding/assessment of the existing system.
  • Future State Definition
    Document a proposed future state including recommendations regarding cloud architecture on Azure.
  • Future State Roadmap Creation
    Document high-level roadmap, timeline, team size and cost-estimating aspects for the proposed future state which can be used towards a subsequent build phases.


  • Set of requirements ready to be estimated
  • Implementation approach and roadmap
  • Estimation of the future engagement (budget and timelines)
  • Vision of the future solution from technical point of view
  • Recommendations on cloud solutions usage (Azure)

The estimated price is based on assumed average effort required to execute the assessment, team structure, roles to be involved and GlobalLogic's rate card.