Azure Stack HCI with Hardware as a Service

Global Micro Solutions

Unify Resource Management with Azure Stack HCI, Hardware as a Service and Migration Support.

In the rapidly evolving business world, combining cutting-edge cloud-connected architecture with the best hardware is key. Azure Stack HCI, enhanced with our unique Hardware as a Service (HaaS), brings this combination to life. This service stands out by providing onsite, configured premium hardware, all funded at competitive rates to simplify your acquisition process. With Global Micro’s managed infrastructure, we offer a rent-to-own model, making high-end technology accessible to all business sizes. Our Migration support ensures to go live with upgraded software, hardware and a seamless transition.

Azure Stack HCI with HaaS: Ideal for Onsite Workloads Businesses requiring onsite workloads, whether due to latency, data sovereignty, or high IO demands, will find Azure Stack HCI perfectly tailored to their needs. This service is crafted for clients who prioritize keeping operations on-premises, ensuring cost efficiency, enhanced performance, and simplified operations.

Introducing Azure Stack HCI Delivered with Premium Hardware as a Service Azure Stack HCI blends on-premises operations with Azure’s expansive capabilities, including hardware, setup, configuration, management, and maintenance, all delivered as a service. This integration allows remote co-management of your solution, backed by Microsoft's top-tier hyper-converged infrastructure stack, offering a secure platform for both Windows and Linux guests.

Assessment and Upgrade Services for Legacy Infrastructure We understand the challenges of migrating from legacy infrastructure. If your business operates with outdated operating systems, virtualization technologies, or SQL versions, our team is ready to assist. We offer comprehensive assessments and scoping services to help you seamlessly upgrade and leverage the capabilities of newer versions. Our services extend to aiding in the migration of your workloads to the new infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

Flexible, Scalable, and All-Workload Ready Azure Stack HCI’s architecture simplifies connecting to Azure services like backup, monitoring, and security, while fitting seamlessly into your existing IT environment. Its robustness makes it suitable for any workload, with disaster recovery options through a stretch cluster. Benefit from top-tier performance for SQL Server databases and virtual desktop infrastructure, ensuring low latency and data sovereignty.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Ready to modernize your data center with Azure Stack HCI and HaaS? Contact us for a personalized consultation on a reference architecture that meets your specific needs. We’ll conduct a detailed assessment and tailor a solution, drawing on our extensive experience with similar environments. Let us guide you in transitioning to a more efficient, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

Reach out today to discover how Azure Stack HCI with HaaS can revolutionize your business operations.