Application Modernization & Migration

Globant LLC

Our commitment lies in assisting organizations to effectively navigate the intricate journey of modernizing and transferring their applications and workloads to the Azure platform.

Our comprehensive consulting service is meticulously designed not only to facilitate the entire process of modernizing and migrating infrastructure and workloads but also to serve as a guiding beacon for our customers as they embark on their journey with Microsoft Azure or seek to extend their existing usage. We commence with a thorough assessment and strategic planning phase, identifying key areas for improvement and guiding customers in their initial steps with Azure. Our dedicated team of experts, known as Globers, conducts in-depth technology evaluations to recommend the most suitable Azure solutions, ensuring scalability, security, and compliance with international standards. The migration process is executed with precision to minimize disruptions, providing customers with a seamless start or expansion of their Azure journey. Continuous optimization is then applied to enhance performance and cost-efficiency, making sure our customers maximize their Azure experience. Our unwavering commitment to security and compliance safeguards data and ensures adherence to industry regulations, supporting customers in building a strong foundation for their Azure endeavors. Lastly, we offer robust cost management strategies, aiding customers in optimizing resource allocation and maintaining control over expenses, whether they are just beginning their Azure adventure or extending their usage.