Globeteam Azure Migration: 3 weeks assessment


Analyze your on-premise infrastructure for Azure migration, and get a complete view of your businesscase and readiness for migration to Azure

Globeteam has a complete Azure Migration process, based on standard tools from Microsoft, and our knowledge from similar migration projects. With these tools and our process we are able to assist you through an Azure Migration, mooving datacenters and/or servers to Azure, in a secure, well-proven engagement. The first part of a migration to Azure, is an "Migration Assessment" where you get insight from servers, about their size and usage, but also dependencies to other servers or services are highlighted in the Assessment.

The Azure Migration Assessment consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-workshop - ½ day workshop to allign requirements.

  • Implementation and datacollection. Implementation of Azure Migrate - the Migration tool should run for 1-2 weeks to collect data.

  • Categorization, and classification of all systems. Including dependencies to other services. In this phase we recommends to setup a 1 day workshop, to ensure common understanding of the classification and categorization of the servers with the customer

  • Recommendations for correct sizing and pricing of servers. Based on the data from Azure Migrate the tool recommends sizing of the servers, with pricing. In this phase we also investigate if we can get value of reserved instances

  • Top-10 migration candidates, and detailed migration and cost overview for the Top-5 candidates. This phase also covers the economy for the migration.

The result of the Migration assessment is presented to the customer in a report with all the findings, economic overview, migration planning, and timeline. This report is presented to the customer during a 2 hour "Hand-over" meeting.