Data Intelligence for facility and retail optimization - 7week impl.


Companies are looking to transform their business with the help of data and AI. Globeteam uses insight from people behavior, different facility sensors and datasources to create business value.

Globeteam offers a solution that combine facility-, infrastructure- and advanced sensors all together with classic data sources such as customer loyalty applications, customer counting solutions, to create business value and knowledge about customers, employees and facilities. Different peoples can have different value from the data, and it all depends on how data is presented, and what the purpose for the reader is.

The platform is build in Azure, and uses IoT hub to connect data from Cisco Meraki network equipment and other relevant datasources. With Azure AI and Cognitive services, the solution will provide you with a range of enriched data.

These enriched data can benefit you with the following Usecases: • Optimize customer experience in retailstores • Optimize facilities regarding space optimization, savings on cleaning, heating, etc • Future planning for new facilities or stores in terms of size, location, type • Change to business models, not just working with kvm2, and turnover as rent parameters • Meet CSR Goals – optimize food waste, etc. • Ensure Corona Compliance • Data between system islands like WIFI, parking systems & loyalty applications bring value

The solution consists of the following deliverables: • 1 day workshop to discuss the use-cases the customer wants to concentrate on. • 2 day design workshops - define type of sensors, data sources, and Azure platform to desired use-case • 2-4 day site survey - how the sensors should be placed, and how to cover the customers location in the best way • 2 weeks of implementation of physical sensors and basic Azure platform. • 3 weeks datacollection from sensors and data sources to Azure. • Finalise dashboards for users

After the 7 weeks implementation you will be able to use PowerBI dashboards to show the desired content about your specific usecase, with enriched data, and make correct data-assisted decisions about your company.