Airport Analytics for Non-Aero Department: 6 Week Proof of Concept

Glorious Insight Pvt Ltd

Glorious Airport Analytics for Non-Aero Department provides an accurate collection of all the KPIs needed to be monitored by Non Aero department stakeholders of the airport.

There are many departments which are managing the overall operations of the Airport. It is important that each of the department must have the complete visibility of their department performance. The Solution offered by Glorious Insight - Non Aero Analytics cover all the perspectives of different KPI's needed to be monitored by the department.

The Non Aero Revenues for the airport comprises of commercial revenues from sources such as Land Lease, Duty Free, Retail, Parking fees, and other commercial activities. The Non-Aero team looks forward for the complete 360 degree view of their revenue channels with internal and external data. In reference to this - Glorious Airport Analytics Non-Aero module provides an accurate collection of all the KPI's in one centralized Dashboard with role based access.

Our airport analytics’ website showcases our capabilities in the airport domain.

Some of the sample KPI's covered by our Non Aero Analytics Solution is as below: Overall Summary Report Overall PAX Summary Report Ad-hoc Analysis ATM Brand Review Category Deep-Dive Category/Store wise comparison Duty Free Analysis KPI Comparison Non-Aero Daily Sales Report Non-Aero Department KPIs WRT Pre-Covid Level PAX Analysis and Summary Sales of day/ week and month Top Performers by Sales per Sq Meter Top Performers-Income per Sq Meter Top/Bottom Performers Vertical Wise Sales

We offer a reliable and feature rich Azure data platform infrastructure to accelerate reporting and analytics within your organization.

Glorious Airport Analytics team will engage the client team (and other stakeholders) over a 6-weeks period to deliver a Data Analytics Platform on Azure and assist in user adoption to drive successful outcomes.

If you're an organization looking to modernize your BI workloads, where do you start? One of the first steps is understanding your reporting needs. But with so many providers on the market, which system is best for your business needs? The answer might be that none are right for you. Just because a provider has the capabilities to handle some portion of what's requested in a reporting need doesn't mean they can automate those entire tasks.

It's imperative that organizations recognize they have a choice in how they deliver their analytics projects and choose wisely by assessing what their unique organization needs are and selecting one based on those requirements.

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The pricing and time period of the POC is based on the scope of work of the project.