Cloud Competence Center | Implementation 12 Month


IT organizations must constantly adapt to meet the complex, ever-changing demands of the market. Our Cloud Competence Center offering provides solutions for these challenges

We recommend that you set up a Cloud Competence Center to provide you with specialist and methodological support for your future Azure cloud projects. It helps you to break down barriers in the development and use of cloud solutions. It also creates trust and the necessary conditions for the secure processing of data in all cloud services.


Since many companies lack internal resources or do not have their own employees with the appropriate skills to set up a Cloud Competence Center, glueckkanja-gab offers the Cloud Competence Center Services, with which companies can learn to manage their cloud workloads and grow into the subject. In effect, they receive

  • on-the-job training
  • Employees are introduced to Cloud Competence Center by professional cloud architects
  • learn how to work in Azure on a daily basis and how to structure and standardize workloads.

Key tasks of the Cloud Competence Center

  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Architecture & Automation
  • Cloud Adoption