OpenFOAM on Azure: 3 Days Workshop

GNS Systems GmbH

3-day workshop for your optimised CAE workflow: Overview of your possibilities with OpenFOAM® on Azure.

What are your stumbling blocks with computationally intensive simulations, what do your engineers need to make their calculation runs more efficient? Together we analyse the current state of engineering processes with OpenFOAM® and show you innovative solutions for your CAE workflows with Azure. State-of-the-art infrastructures such as Azure and automated environments in the cloud already form the essential basis for computationally intensive simulations. The scalable cloud architecture in Azure combined with HPC clusters for OpenFOAM® workloads ensure faster development cycles. Handle extreme model sizes of OpenFOAM® calculations by distributing intensive simulations. Your own local resources and machines remain untouched and can be used for other tasks and simulations of your engineers.

Learn how OpenFOAM® on Azure harmonises with your CAE workflows and what virtual product development in the cloud can do for your engineers. The goal of the workshop is a Statement of Work (SOW).

Agenda of the workshop:

Day 1: Requirements analysis

Day 2: Development of an implementation idea for virtual product development in the cloud

Day 3: Development of a concept for the implementation of OpenFOAM® on Azure and recommended next steps (e.g. optional Proof of Concept (POC))

OpenFOAM® on Azure - powerful for computationally intensive simulations: • Clever support of simulation processes in OpenFOAM on Azure Cloud • Use of HPC resources to analyse highly complex structures in a very short time • Solving future-oriented technical problems on an industrial scale with OpenFOAM® on Azure • Faster market launch of new innovations due to shorter design cycles • Managed Services ensure ongoing operation, maintenance and continuous integration

Further information:

Analyse your requirements with us and benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in CAE application management and virtual product development with HPC.