OpenFOAM on Azure: 10-WK Proof of Concept

GNS Systems GmbH

10 weeks proof of concept: Benefit from a high-performance infrastructure with the most up-to-date technology, which optimally supports even computationally intensive simulations.

State-of-the-art infrastructures such as Azure and automated environments in the cloud already form the essential basis for computationally intensive simulations. The scalable cloud architecture in Azure combined with HPC clusters for OpenFOAM® workloads ensure faster development cycles. The optimal distribution of extreme model sizes on turnkey HPC environments in Azure offer maximum flexibility with constant computing power for computationally intensive simulations. This also reduces the costs of virtual product development and increases the quality and speed of OpenFOAM simulations. OpenFOAM on Azure meets all your engineers' requirements for tomorrow's virtual product development.

Find out how OpenFOAM on Azure will harmonise with your CAE workflows and what virtual product development in the cloud can do for your engineers. This proof of concept includes the professional services of GNS Systems: migration, consulting and evaluation.

OpenFOAM on Azure DEC - powerful for computationally intensive simulations:

Clever support of simulation processes in OpenFOAM with the Azure Cloud | Use of HPC resources to analyse highly complex structures in a very short time | Solving future-oriented technical problems on an industrial scale with OpenFOAM® on Azure | Faster market launch of new innovations due to shorter design cycles | Managed Services ensure ongoing operation, maintenance and continuous integration

Further information:

*Note: For a free proof of concept the requirements for a Microsoft Azure sponsorship must be fulfilled. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be pleased to help you.